Creating a new project

To create a new, empty project, you first need to open variaDoc. On the welcoming screen, there is a number of buttons. One of the buttons is the button to open an empty project. You can also open an empty sub-project.
If you already opened a project, but you want to open a new project, go to the left corner to File then choose New and then choose Empty project or Empty sub-project.
Once you have opened a new project, you can add nodes to it. These nodes are used to work on your project. For instance, you can add an Output document to your project. After you have added a document, you can add pages to it as well.
All this can be done by using the buttons in the toolbar. First, select the node you need and then click on the intended node.
You can edit the names of the nodes by clicking with the right mouse-click and then choosing Rename.