variaDoc has extensive support for XML data sources. XML data sources can use XML files directly, or the current node set from other XML data sources higher in the project tree.
To use XML data, select XML as the data source type.


XML Document
Select this option to get XML data from a file.
Parent XML data source
Select this option to use the current node set from a data source higher up in the project structure. Only data sources in the same branch of the merge project are available.
XML data
Select this option to enter your XML data directly into variaDoc.


XPath expression
Specify an XPath expression to select specific data. If the XML source type is set to Parent XML data source, the context of the XPath expression is the current node set of the selected data source. Otherwise, the context is the root of the XML document.
Add one or more sort rules. For each rule, specify an XPath sort key (e.g. text()), the order (ascending, descending), how to sort upper / lower case and the data type of the sort element.


A sample project that uses an XML document can be found in Samples\XML in the installation folder. Just double-click the .exe file and run the sample.