Form receiver

A Form receiver node is used to prepare an output document for data collection.
All child nodes added to this node are executed in the context of the variaDoc Form Receiver.


Project script attribute
Receiver URL
The URL for which the variaDoc Form Receiver has been configured.
Receiver security key
A security key used to encrypt data in the output document and used to protected the Form Receiver.
This key must be equal to the key used to deploy the Form Receiver (with the Server Deployment Wizard).
Read above settings from web.config
Check to read the above properties from web.config. This option enables you to centralize the URL & key in web.config comparing to storing them in all merge projects.
This option is only useful when the merge project is executed in the variaDoc Webservice.
Receiver success message
Message shown to the end user in case of a successful submission.
Submit field values only
Check to submit only field values (this is the default).
Un-checking this option is only needed in case the submitted PDF document has digital signatures in it that must be preserved.

Project script node name

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