A Stationery node provides a template page for a Section. Each time a new page is need to lay out paragraphs on, a copy is made of the stationery.
You can use multiple stationery nodes in one section. This enables you e.g. to use a different stationery for the first page, then for the remaining pages.
For this reason you can specify the the number of occurrences of a stationery. In the sample above the occurrence setting of the first stationery should be set to 1 and unlimited for the second stationery.
To specify the area on the stationery where paragraphs can be laid out, add one or more body area nodes.
The area of the header and footer are specified by adding a header area node / footer area node.


Project script attribute
Advanced page settings
See Page
Unlimited (occurrences)
If checked, this stationery will be uses for all needed pages in a section.
Minimum occurrences
Specifies the minimum number of times this stationery should be used. If the minimum is greater then the actual number of pages, extra pages without paragraphs will be added.
Maximum occurrences
Specifies the maximum number of times this stationery can be used. If the requires number of pages is more then the maximum number of occurrences (and there are no more stationery nodes), the pages will be removed.
Predefined style name

Project script node name

See also:
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