PDF forms

PDF forms are regular PDF documents containing one or more form fields.
Adding form fields to PDF documents can be done using many applications. For instance:
  • variaDoc Form Editor
The form editor enables you to edit existing PDF documents or create new ones. You can add/edit/remove pages, fields and add content such as text and shapes.
  • variaDoc
You can add fields to a page in an variaDoc merge project. Please note that these fields are only added to the output documents, the (original) PDF document(s) are not modified.
  • Third party application such as Adobe Acrobat
Many third party applications allow you to add/edit/remove fields from PDF documents.
When you add pages to a merge project (individual pages or the entire document), variaDoc will scan the PDF form and add all the form fields to the project. You can then set up the field bindings or add more fields. A field binding is an expression that determines what data is entered into the field during a merge. The field binding effectively “binds” the field to data. For a more detailed information on entering expressions, see chapter Expressions.
Don’t have Adobe Acrobat to create PDF documents?
No problem! Just select the variaDoc Document Writer (included with variaDoc) to print your document. Then, use the generated PDF document in your project.