Providing appearance using styles

Styles are used to provide an appearance for fields and paragraphs.
A style defines settings for one of more style items. All aspects of the appearance of fields and paragraphs their own style item. E.g. the font used in a field is using Font style item.
Styles are defined in the gallery of a project. You can find the gallery underneath the tree structure on the left side of the project.
To create a new style, go to the gallery and click on Appearance Style in the Insert toolbar.

Using styles

All nodes that support the use of styles have a Style tab containing the styles settings.
The name of the predefined style must refer to the name of an Appearance Style defined in the project's gallery.
Expand Customize style to change certain style items in the current node. To keep things consistent, it is advised to define new Appearance Styles rather than extensively customizing the current style.