Send to web browser

This export method can be used if the Merge Project is deployed as a web service.
Because the Acrobat Reader browser plug-in only handles single PDF documents, you should make sure that your project generates only a single PDF document. This can be accomplished in different ways. One is by adding the Output Document node directly below the Project node. Alternatively, if the Output Document node is a descendant of a Data Source node, the Data Source node should resolve to exactly one data item. If your project still generates multiple output documents which are configured to export to the web, subsequent documents will be ignored by the web service.
Open in Acrobat Reader while setting up your project
It's possible that you will have to prepare the Merge Project while the web server is not available to you. If you run the merge in such a situation, the generated PDF document is saved as a temporary file and passed to the shell with the ‘Open’ verb. Basically, this means that the application that is associated with the PDF extension will start and open the PDF document. This will typically be the Adobe Acrobat Reader/Professional installed on your computer.
See Web service for more details on deploying Merge Projects as a web service.