Enabling data collection

Enabling data collection in a merge project is a two step process.

Step 1: Add a Form Receiver node

The first step is to add an output document or a HTML form node. Next, add a Form Receiver node by clicking on More in the Insert toolbar and selecting Data Collection.
All nodes added to the Form Receiver node will be executed in the variaDoc Form Receiver. They are not executed at the merge time.
The sample project above generates output documents with 1 page (from Employee.pdf) and data collection is enabled for each output document via the Form Receiver node named Receive actions.

Step 2: Add Submit action

Second, add a Submit form action node to a field, usually of the 'button' type. Make sure the field is interactive before you do this, by checking the the Settings tab. When you have done so, add the node by clicking on More in the Insert toolbar and then Field action.
In the new action, check the Submit to Form Receiver option.
You can pass an optional command. This command will be submitted to the form receiver where it is available with this expression:
The command is usually used if there are multiple submit buttons in the form. Mostly it is used to identify which button was pressed.

Form Receiver settings

The Form Receiver node must be configured such that once an output document is generated and filled out, it is known where to submit its data to.
Receiver URL
The URL used to submit the data to. Ensure this URL remains valid for as long as you want end users to be able to submit data back to you.
Receiver Security key
This key is used to encrypt/decrypt project related information that is stored in the output document. It ensures that nobody can read project related information in, or tamper with the output document .
Read above settings from web.config
If checked, the variaDoc Web Service will use settings configured in its web.config file instead of settings configured here. Useful if you only want to specify the settings once.
Submit field values only
If checked, variaDoc will only submit the entered field values to the specified URL, instead of the entire form. This can be useful if space is an issue.